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Wall paneling

When choosing the material for finishing the cottage, private house, bath, apartment, a considerable number of owners prefer to use wall paneling from natural wood.

This is due, above all, to the fact that the ecological purity of the tree, its practicality and durability are recognized unconditionally. Most often, the lining is used as a cladding material. You can also hear the name of the lining: “sheet pile”.

Different types and sorts of paneling are available for sale. Most often, the paneling is made of spruce, pine, larch. Less common alder or oak wall paneling, and for the bath will require a lime sheet pile.

Wall paneling
Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Moisture MaterialMaximum m3 in the container (24-ton)
1390/110/1403000/4000AD (18-25)Pine40 m3
1390/110/1403000/4000KD (10-12)Pine45 m3
1490/110/1403000/4000AD (18-25)Pine40 m3
1490/110/1403000/4000KD (10-12)Pine45 m3
1590/110/1403000/4000AD (18-25)Pine40 m3
1590/110/1403000/4000KD (10-12)Pine45 m3
1690/110/1403000/4000AD (18-25)Pine40 m3
1690/110/1403000/4000KD (10-12)Pine45 m3
1790/110/1403000/4000AD (18-25)Pine40 m3
1790/110/1403000/4000KD (10-12)Pine45 m3
1890/110/1403000/4000AD (18-25)Pine40 m3
1890/110/1403000/4000KD (10-12)Pine45 m3