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The rafter system is a pitched roof system consisting of rafters. It can also be said that the rafter system is the skeleton of the pitched roof, its base (skeleton).

Rafters perform a bearing function in the roof system. Weight from the roof through the rafter system is transferred to the bearing walls of the building.

Depending on the type and type of the roof structure, rafters, plates, horizontal bolsters (crossbars), girders, scaffolds and racks on them, as well as struts and other elements, may be part of the rafter system.

Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Moisture MaterialMaximum m3 in the container (24-ton)
1001003000/4000/6000AD (18-25)Pine40 m3
1001003000/4000/6000KD (10-12)Pine45 m3
1501503000/4000/6000AD (18-25)Pine40 m3
1501503000/4000/6000KD (10-12)Pine45 m3
88883000/4000/6000AD (18-25)Pine40 m3
88883000/4000/6000KD (10-12)Pine45 m3
89893000/4000/6000AD (18-25)Pine40 m3
89893000/4000/6000KD (10-12)Pine45 m3
90903000/4000/6000AD (18-25)Pine40 m3
90903000/4000/6000KD (10-12)Pine45 m3