Kernel Walnuts


   Walnut from Ukraine is a valuable nutritious product for the countries of Europe. Popularity and a demand of this product is explained by its high caloric content, nutritiousness, and also wastelessness. Few know that even the nutshell is used in the industry. Ukrainian enterprise offers a walnut with excellent tastes and ideal fruits which are stored and delivered to the customer in the correct conditions. Besides, the offered product has rather reasonable price for the wholesale buyer.

   Kernels of a walnut are used in cookery, medicine, a masloproizvodstvo and other industries. For deliveries the product is calibrated depending on the size of a kernel and are sorted by fractions, according to the international quality standards.

   Kernels of the walnut cleared and divided into quarters are offered the potential buyer. All kernels have approximately identical size and weight. Standard does not allow passing of fraction of a nut through a sieve with openings with a diameter of 0,7 cm. So, the average size of quarters in one party makes approximately from 7 mm to 2 cm. The walnut cleared and divided into quarters can directly be eaten or be used in culinary branch.

   Here is some specifications of our walnet kernels:

   Style: Dried


   Moisture: 7% max


   Admixture: 1% max


   Imperfect: 5% max


   Processing: Type Raw


   Specification of Goods: 10kg per bag


   Walnut Kernels Supply Ability: 100tons per month


   The offered product belongs to a class 1 (extra) and is intended for export. Mix is absolutely uniform identical color. Preservation of tastes of a nut, its trade dress, and also qualitative characteristics at the high level is guaranteed.