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Mounting plank

The mounting rail is a wooden rack designed to fix other products to the wall, ceiling, other surfaces, and is also used for laying roofing.

The mounting rail is widely used in construction and in the manufacture of repair work. The rake is also used in the manufacture of furniture.

The mounting rail has a small cross-section, usually 20 – 30 mm in thickness and 40 – 50 mm in thickness. The mounting rail is often used to create a lath, to which later lining, block house and other coating materials are attached.

The mounting rail is made of coniferous wood.

Mounting plank
Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Moisture MaterialMaximum m3 in the container (24-ton)
30302000/3000/4000AD (18-25)Pine40 m3
30302000/3000/4000KD (10-12)Pine45 m3
40402000/3000/4000AD (18-25)Pine40 m3
40402000/3000/4000KD (10-12)Pine45 m3
50502000/3000/4000AD (18-25)Pine40 m3
50502000/3000/4000KD (10-12)Pine45 m3