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Wooden beam is one of the most common types of sawn timber used in many areas of construction: for building a frame of buildings, for constructing a log-house, for constructing temporary scaffolding, as floor, ceiling, floor slabs between floors. It is a log (it can be of different thickness), sawed on four sides, and in the section it looks like a rectangle.

Depending on the purpose for which the bar is used and how it is processed, the price for it is appropriate. There are variants of planed and not planed sawn timber of this type; The latter is mainly used for roughing works or for building a frame of a building, which will subsequently be carefully covered with lining.

Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Moisture MaterialMaximum m3 in the container (24-ton)
69692000/3000/4000AD (18-25)Pine40 m3
69692000/3000/4000KD (10-12)Pine45 m3
75752000/3000/4000AD (18-25)Pine40 m3
75752000/3000/4000KD (10-12)Pine45 m3
88882000/3000/4000AD (18-25)Pine40 m3
88882000/3000/4000KD (10-12)Pine45 m3
89892000/3000/4000AD (18-25)Pine40 m3
89892000/3000/4000KD (10-12)Pine45 m3
90902000/3000/4000AD (18-25)Pine40 m3
90902000/3000/4000KD (10-12)Pine45 m3